We are McCoy, one of the leading Egyptian companies in exporting Fresh & Frozen Fruits and Vegetables from Egypt to the world.

From our elite farms at a high level, which includes the quality of the ideal products, starting from cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, and transportation.

McCoy has well trained and experienced export team, this gives us competitive advantages over others by knowing the exact demands for each market, give competitive prices, and the best service.

We can deal smoothly with all logistical aspects, starting from agriculture till reaching the customer, with our distinguished marketing and advertising team, which is in harmony with market dynamics and helps to make the best decisions, which leads to success for us and our clients.

It's known that continuity in business depends on honesty in quality and the service provided, we work to be your partners for continuous business.

Be our new welcomed partner.



Our quality controllers take special care to guarantee the highest quality, timely delivery, attractive financial conditions, professional and courteous service to all our clients.


We export our high grade products with high packing standards to suit the standards of the importing countries, also we searched for importers who need suppliers with trust and commitment with quality and specifications agreed about.

Our Mission is to achieve professionalism which means everyone do his job in his specialty.

The farmer or producer dedicated to the production and producing a good product, the transportation, customs clearance, and shipping then the exporting company is dedicated to exporting and searching for the importers and serve them as they like.

McCoy looking for real business with real partners, serious reliable and accurate business for mutual benefits.



McCoy is looking forward to being the largest producer and exportation station in the middle east to supply and fulfill requests of the traders and importers all over the world.

From the high-quality Egyptian products Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetable, Canned and Frozen products only grade A that worth to be exported aiming to be the reliable and trusted station for the buyers who are looking for quality, service, and commitment.

This is McCoy, making special relations and implementing real and reliable business principals.

With You we can Do.