Our Motto

Professionalism leads to creativity

We are Professionals in Export , are you Professionals in your Field ?

What is McCoy?

We are a fast growing company in middle east. We are specialized in exportation and international trading. We are presenting a high value and quality of trusted branded products. We are concerned about technology. And we are determined to be obligated and executive to our clients. We achieved the complex equation of quality of products and outstanding prices with value partnership with successful producers McCoy is an importing and exporting company.
We offer customers with unmatched expertise in all facets of procurement and supply, and a complete end-to-end supply chain solution. At McCoy we believe in creating a sustainable future and engage only in safe practices that do not stress our increasingly fragile ecosystems.

Our Mission

McCoy International Trading Company puts on its sight clear and specific goals. The important one is developing exporting process from the Egyptian market. And raising the standard of service presented to the importers from all the world. To achieve this goal, we in McCoy adopted basics and principles which developing process will be based on.
McCoy contracting with elite factories and elite farms who present products with quality, fineness, packing and shipping with highest level of service suits all markets. Our motto, professionalism leads to creativity.

We started the first stage by contacting factories owners to enhance production and packing standards to suit the standards of the importing countries. Also we searched for importers how need suppliers with trust and commit with quality and specifications agreed about. Our main goal is to achieve professionality which means everyone do his job in his specialty. The factory is dedicated to production and producing the good product. And exporting company is dedicated to exporting and searching for the importers, and transportation, customs clearance and shipping. Everyone is dedicated in his specialty.

Our Vision


McCoy is looking forward to being the largest exportation station in middle east. To supply and fulfill requests of the traders and importers from the high quality egyptian products. and making special relations with all importers all over the world.